Saturday, February 28, 2009


I saw another blogger's post today about their dog, and of course it made me miss mine :( Did you know we named Kiki way before we had her? When we were here in Hawaii on our honeymoon, I joking said to Bryan "if we ever get a dog, let's name it Kiki, like Wai-kiki!" I never thought he'd go for it. But he did. And when we picked that perfect pup up from the pound, she looked right into our eyes and hearts, and thus became Kiki. She even responded to her name right from the start.

I watched Marley and Me before we left IL with a girlfriend and I had to chuckle. Marley's got nothin' on Kiki. As far as eating couches go: Marley = 1, Kiki = 2. Ha ha! We miss her bunches and bunches, but know she's in good hands and lovin' the country life out on the farm! But every time we see a pooch down on the beach, my heart breaks for her. She even sent us (with some help from Gramma and Grandpa) a cute Valentine's Day card, complete with a song "Ain't Too Proud To Beg." How appropriate. :) Here she is, sleeping on our clothes on Moving Day, as if to say please don't go!

We'll see you soon Kookie ~ we love and miss you! Be a good girl and take care of Grandpa and Gramma for us! xoxo

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  1. Awww that is so cute Jen. Kiki does miss you guys but as you well know Grandma and Grandpa are taking great care of her. Grandpa and her go out everyday when weather permitting and take thier 4 mile walk, as you know Kiki just loves Her Grandpa and the walk in the country..She is getting MORE spoiled IF that is possible.. hugs to you from Kiki