Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lil' big man...

Noah is growing up so fast ~ I know every parent says that ~ but this past week it's dawned on me several times that he is not my little butterball baby anymore :( He's a happy, healthy, adorable, thriving and very active little man, whom dozens of people love and adore. What more could a momma want for her child? :) I talked to my parents the other day who commented how tall he's gotten in just these three short weeks ~ and they are right! His little legs and arms are looking more like a little boy, and with his blonde curly mop he's definitely as tall as any 3 year old we've seen or played with at the park! We always joke he's going to be a big linebacker when he grows up. For the Bears, of course ;)

One of those a-ha moments came a couple of nights ago when we were outside playing in the courtyard at our hotel (by the way, we're halfway done! Three weeks in, three weeks to go! :) Noah and Bryan were running around, and a couple of big boys (I'd say probably 8 or 9) were also running around with their Nerf guns. Noah was so adorable, he saw them and walked VERY slowly up to them, sidestepping almost ~ and when he got up to them, he said really softly "Please? Play?" I was afraid they'd run away from him, or ignore him, but they didn't. They all stopped and said "sure, you can play!" It melted my heart. They taught him how to load the "bullets" and shoot. They even shot towards the sky so it was "raining." He got the biggest kick out of that ~ and I got a glimpse into the boy that he's becoming. They didn't have to stop for him, and they certainly didn't have to share their toys. Such sweet kids. The funny thing was, you can tell their daddys are military because they were playing snipers ~ and using lingo even I didn't understand ;)

Otherwise, not much has been going on this week ~ Bryan had to work two 24-hour shifts so we haven't seen him much in between sleeping :( But our new friends moved into their house on Friday so they took pity on Noah and I and made us spaghetti for Valentine's Day last night :) Noah had a ball running up and down their stairs ~ and I liked that he was exhausted and fell right asleep ;) Haha! We're hoping Bryan has tomorrow off so we can go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. I bought him a snorkel set for Valentine's Day ~ it's his new hobby.

Well, that's the update for now ~ here's some pics for you to enjoy ~ we love and miss you all! Happy Valentine's Day!


P.S. ~ I put in my bday as the day we would come home, and it said 100 days! :) Yay, that's not too long! We're still not sure the exact date, a lot will depend on if Bryan gets the time off or not...

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  1. Hi Jen, Bryan and Noah!
    Enjoy Hanauma Bay!! It's magical to see all the beautiful fish swimming in front of your face. By the way, your blog format looks great!!