Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chocolate Disaster

So I'm a little behind on my posts because oh, you know we just had this major life change thing :) I know you'll forgive me ~ but I wanted to put these up anyway since they're so funny and I want to be able to remember this wonderful time of our lives.

Noah and I were home one day right before the big move and I decided to try something fun. You know, hands-on, mommy of the year award kind of stuff. So chocolate pudding it was. We got everything out, and sat right on the floor. If you've been to our house in Morton you know it was small and there wasn't really anywhere else to do this at! :) Noah promptly dumped half the powder on himself, but being the calm, cool, collected momma that I am I thought hey! Photo opportunity! So I capture him covered in a fine chocolate dust, pouring the milk into what was left of the dust, trying to drink the milk straight from the carton (as any red-blooded good ol' American boy can do!), and then eat the lumpy mess we called "pudding."

I forgot to mention, earlier that day, he had dumped his ENTIRE bottle of new bubble bath (I now know he can unscrew lids :) into the tub. So I made a mental note ~ give him a bath before naptime. Perfect right? He's covered in chocolate, and I have plenty of bubbles that need used :) As I plop my chocolatey, curly man into the tub, I have a light bulb moment ~ Kiki was still roaming around, and the chocolate is still on the floor in the kitchen. Chocolate is deadly to dogs, right? Uh-oh. So do I leave Scootie in the tub to check on Kiki, or hope for the best? So I called her into the bathroom, and I knew. She had the tell-tale signs of the guilty look. I think my puppy has human tendencies that way :) Not only had she eaten some of the lumpy pudding, she'd eaten ALL the powder on the floor. I immediately call the vet, while Noah's in the tub and after a few tense minutes of reading the ingredients, they tell me she should be fine. Whew. So now we know Kiki can eat: various flavors of couch fiber, expensive throw pillows, fiber-glass insulation, and chocolate, and live to howl about it :) Just another fun day in the Willey household of madness. Haha! :)

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  1. OMG I remember when you called me to tell me what he did and that Kiki had just eaten all that choc! Yummy that was so good too Graama,
    We sure do miss our trips to Morton to surprise visit our little baby and you guys too of course, lol I cant believe I have gone this long without seeing Our Baby! :(