Saturday, January 31, 2009


I forgot to post this ~ so we went to get our mail the other day at our P.O. box we rented in Kunia ~ about 5 minutes from base. We pulled up and I was laughing my head off ~ our Post Office is a trailer! And yep, the post office boxes are on the outside. Hilarious! :)

I wanted to put this pic of my GG and I up ~ I miss u!!! :(

House hunting and North Shore!

Thursday night we were all feeling a little bit crowded in our hotel room, and lil' man was feeling much better ~ so we headed out to view some houses around the area for rent. We also drove up to the military reservation about 10 miles north of here to check out base housing that will be available next week. That's where Bryan will be working at for the next few weeks as he in-processes. We were a little disappointed by what we saw, but I hope that the old rule "don't judge a book by it's cover" comes true next week when we tour the inside of the housing. The housing out there just isn't near as nice as what's here on Schofield, but the houses here are new and the waiting list is lo-ooong. So, after a little bit of a let-down, we ventured out just another few miles north and hit the North Shore! This was one of our most favorite spots when we came here on our honeymoon ~ it's more of a park-like setting instead of the commercialized beaches here. We ended up just strolling along right around sunset ~ so beautiful! Noah wasn't sure about the sand at first, but then he warmed up to it and we couldn't hardly pry him away from the water. It was so cute! We stayed about an hour, then we saw a fun little hole in the wall diner right on the water, so we headed over for a sunset dinner, complete with tiki torches and all :) It was just what we needed, and we all headed back to the hotel feelin' pretty relaxed!

Today we went to look at a townhouse about 20 miles from here, but that's a drive in this traffic. It's very nice, but the drive is aggravating. Please just pray for patience for us as we try to figure out what's better: nicer housing further away, or not so nice housing right here! Grrr...on a good note though we are heading over to Bryan's sponsor's house tonight to watch the fight and hang out ~ he's the Sgt. who picked us up from the airport and has shown us around this week. He seems very nice, and I'm anxious to meet his family ~ maybe I'll make a friend!? I hope they like us! :) He did say they also have a 2 year old curly headed lil' man....hmmm...... :)

Hope you all have a great weekend ~ keep in touch, either with comments here or by phone or email! We love you and miss you all! :) xoxo, Jen

Friday, January 30, 2009


Aloha everyone! We made it safe and soundly to Hawaii! :) Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during our travels. We arrived in Honolulu Monday night after a looong day of flying. Noah did so well, he was not feeling well at all but he slept about 3 1/2 hours from Chicago, so that was good ~ we had so many compliments about how well he was doing on the airplane from people all around us that he kept charming the pants off of. :) I had bought him all kinds of cheap fun Dollar Tree toys for the trip, but I think his favorite "toy" was his new portable DVD player ;) Ahhh, if I only had a nickel for every time we watched "Cars!" or "Buzz!" (Toy Story), we would be rich! :)

Bubby in his cool shades on the airplane

Going down the slide at the Children's Museum inside O'Hare Airport in Chicago during our layover ~ that kept him busy and wore off some energy!

So, once we got settled in our room at the Inn here on Schofield Barracks, we all crashed for the night, or was it morning? Who knew that four hours time difference could be so weird?! We all woke up the next morning at 4:30 a.m. our time, which would have been 8:30 a.m. at home. anyway, Noah was burning up with a fever so we took him to the pediatrician here on post. Well, they wouldn't see him because we were registered in a different region for insurance since we came from Illinois ~ so we were told to take him to the ACC (yep, another Army acronym to learn!) or the Acute Care Clinic ~ where we waited 3 hours for them to tell us that yep, he does have another raging ear infection. My poor lil' just breaks my heart that he was suffering with that during our plane ride, but he just rode it out like such a lil' trooper!

So Tuesday and Wednesday we spent just getting him healthy and back in the swing of things, and used to Honolulu time! :) We went for a walk around our hotel, and Noah loved the birds and the "Naner!" which is water in Noah lingo ~ he was stompin' around in the puddle in his new Crocs, just like any little boy would have done ~ too cute! We figured out where the PX and the Comissary are, and I have a vague idea where the checkpoints are coming in/off the base. We'll find out next week when Bryan goes back to work if I can find them :) Haha! Here's some pics of our first few days ~ thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers ~ we are thinking of all of you and missing all of you like crazy!!!

Mommy and Noah

Daddy and Noah ~ Bryan was like, hurry up already! :)

Love you all!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Moving Day!

Bubby on our air mattress, roughin' it for the night :)

Bye bye room! :(
Here's a quick peek at some pictures from our crazy moving day ~ we are heading out Monday! Aaahhh! I can't believe how fast these past weeks went ~ we are so blessed and truly lucky to have all the friendships and family surrounding us, and are so happy that we got to see just about everybody before we head off on our new adventure :) I'll post more later, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vegetable Muffins and Kiki! :)

Last night one of my best gal pals took me to see Marley & Me as part of my going away present ~ we had SO much fun it was ridiculous! If you haven't seen the movie, it's definitely worth seeing. Everything that crazy dog did, Kiki has done ~ from destroying the couch on multiple occasions to sitting steadfastly by Noah and I's side in the middle of the night when we needed her. When I was pregnant with Noah and had morning sickness, she was always right there by my side. Anyways, we recently realized we would have to leave her behind with my wonderful parents as we venture out to Hawaii this month ~ it's too cold to have her fly in the airplane with us :( It's only for a few months, but it still feels like leaving a member of our family behind and I am so upset about it. But she's in awesome hands, and I know she will have a blast at the farm all spring! We love you Kookie!

So, I was trying to be a good mama and make yummy muffins for my lil' man to eat ~ he will NOT, repeat NOT eat any vegetable in any form, so I recently started pureeing his veggies again and adding them to his food ~ easy peasy! He never even knows ;) But anyways, these muffins have ~ get ready ~ squash, blueberries and spinach in them! They really are good! :) Anyways, when I was making them, one of the tins had more squash then blueberries. I looked at it then did a double take ~ there was a perfect little blue heart in it! So what do I do? Immediately grab the camera because it was so funny. These muffins (as gross as they may sound) were made with lots of love for Noah by Momma :) Love u lil' man!

Monday, January 5, 2009


He figured it out pretty fast!


Speed Racer!

I am determined to keep this as up to date as possible in the New Year! :) We had a fabulous Christmas, just enjoying our family and friends. Noah made out like a lil' bandit ~ he got not one but TWO walking & talking Lightning McQueens, so needless to say he was in heaven :) He also got the cutest Radio Flyer trike from Nana and Papa ~ he is getting sooo big! He is such a sweet little boy, the smiles on his face were absolutely priceless!

Now, on to Hawaii ~ we got our flight itinerary last week, and we head out January 26th at 6am! It's just crazy that in three weeks we will be moving! Across the country! I am very excited to follow my hubby on this wonderful adventure, but we are both emotional and sad to say goodbye to family and friends here. Thank goodness for the internet! :) Here's a couple of recent pics for you to enjoy. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and we wish you a fabulous New Year!