Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sea Life Park!

Well, since Hanauma Bay was closed, we drove a little further down the most gorgeous stretch of road along the ocean and came across Sea Life Park. Have you ever seen 50 First Dates? It's one of my favorites...anyways, that's where Adam Sandler worked in the movie! It's Hawaii's teeny tiny version of Sea World, minus Shamu :) So we stopped with our friends (Matt, Jenny, Adam and Alex) and decided to give it a try. We had a ball ~ the boys loved watching the Sea Lion's "Beauty Pageant," where they showed off their "talents." Haha!

Then Noah watched the turtles ~ one of his new favorites ~ he kept signing "more, more! More turtles, pees?" Which means, please can I go in and swim with them? Please momma? We had to drag him from the wall, kicking and screaming...

Then Adam and Noah actually got to pet one of the baby turtles, only 8 weeks old...

...and finally we watched the dolphin show, always my favorite. They're just so beautiful! Noah kept squealing, "fishyyyyyy! Fishyyyyyyy!" :)

Maybe he'll be a marine biologist something-or-another since he loves the water and apparantly the "fish" so much. Wonder what that kind of education costs...

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  1. Aww I am so glad Scoot gets to see all that cool stuff! One day Papa and Nana will be in the ocean with him and it will be better than when Nana was in the pool with him on our front porch at what 6 months old OR in the Whirlpool bath tub with Nana splish splashing around..... Oh the good ole days xoxoxo