Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Housing, yuck!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I don't post more often, I always like to check out people's blogs but have a hard time keeping mine up to date?! Grr....that's what kind of mood I'm in right now :) I'll try to give ya a break down of the last few days, and hopefully I won't sound too whiny! Haha!

Okay, let's see ~ Tuesday Noah and I went to check out the house out at HMR ~ the military reservation they were trying to place us at. The house was gross ~ old, outdated, and smelled like smoke to the high heavens. Oh, by outdated I mean mismatched linoleum in every room, NO air conditioning, not even a window unit, and a sagging ceiling fan full of dust. I politely ask um, do you have anything else? And she looks at me like she was doing me the favor by giving us this three bedroom "house" and said "well all you have to do is air it out." Okay, sure! I'd love to do that! Whatever.....she kept assuring me that this was all she had to offer, nothing else. As she was showing another wife another house down the road. Hmm-mmm.....
So, those of you who know me well know that I came back to the hotel and was fuming mad. So I took Noah to the park to play and ran into a pair of other Army wives. One told me that she was in the hotel 58 days waiting for housing. 58 days. OH my WORD. This puts things into perspective for me and I think, okay our 10 days so far isn't that bad. Hakuna-matata right? (From the Lion King :) She tells me and the other wife (who's name is also Jenny, ha!) to just be patient. Jenny's been here since Sunday and has two little twin boys. Remember this for later.
So today we call the housing lady to turn down the first house, Castle a la Smokeville. Bryan talked to a corporal today who has been here shorter than us, and also has a wife and one child, and their family was put into a 3 bedroom, newly renovated house. Imagine my anger. It was not pretty :) So after we decline the first house, Bryan asks her about that house. Immediately she was like, oh yeah I do have one that's being renovated right now, it'll be available March 5. That's right, 30 days from now. Well, 29 or whatever with February being short but you get the drift. Ay-yi-yi. Well we decide to toole on out there and check it out ~ the house is nice inside, getting new flooring, carpet, countertops, paint, tubs, toilets, sinks you name it. Sounds good right? I'm still not feeling it (because I'm still burning that we can't get the nicer housing here on Schofield) but I'm not too picky and don't want to come off as such so we think about it. Bryan's all for it, apparantly his company (or platoon, or brigade, or whatever the heck it is I don't know anymore this Army lingo!!!!) works out on this reservation most of the time, so he'd be close to work. Okay, so I talk to my mom (who always helps me see all sides of a problem, then logically make a decision, or in her words "pull the trigger." :) And then Bryan and I decide okay, it's 3 bedroom, newly renovated, beggars can't be choosers etc. So it looks like we'll be there in a month ~ not sure how that's going to work out with an active 2 year old in a motel, but okay. Which, by the way, I should add Bubby has been SOOOOO good ~ he is such a sweet lil' angel boy AND he finally ate a bunch today ~ yay! That's another thing that has been on my mind ~ can 2 year olds be depressed?! He has been refusing his favorite foods for 10 days now ~ yes he was sick when we got here but come on! You know how Bubby eats; they don't call him Haas for nothing! :)
Okay, last paragraph I promise :) So here's the kicker ~ we accept the fact that we can't have on post housing here on Schofield, we're going to get this basically "new" house, and we're going to have to live with the fact that we are again in a duplex style house and share a wall with neighbors. Uggghhh neighbors. Most of you know what happened with our last neighbors in Morton ~ the party animal 30-something wannabe rockstars. Uggghhhhh I shudder at the okay we can do this. But tonight I get a phone call from one of the moms from the park ~ remember I said remember this for later? Her family has been here since Sunday and apparantly they just got a call that they are getting into the BRAND NEW housing here on post. I mean air conditioning, the works. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! I don't understand?! So we have an appt. to sign the lease for our house tomorrow and you can bet that I'm going to be asking this "agent" what is going on. Everyone around us seems to be getting housing and we keep hitting a brick wall?! I just want my family to have a nice home for the next three years, and avoid moving AGAIN for Bubby's sake if at all possible. You know?! Okay, done rambling ~ I bought myself a heart-shaped Reese's peanut butter cup to make myself feel better ~ and just realized that it's melted. Of course it is. Arrrrgggghhhh!!! Oh, and I forgot to mention we picked up our truck today from the shipyard ~ it's got a few scratches and chips ~ but that's another story :) I've got some pics to put up ~ and hopefully I'll be in a better mood tomorrow! If you're still reading this novel, please pray for patience and guidance for us tomorrow so we can make the right decision. Everything happens for a reason, and I just want to do God's will for our lives. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers ~ they are greatly appreciated! We love and miss you all!

Bubby hot and dirty after playing at the park with new friends!

Bubby and Daddy

Playing with Mater and Hot Wheels outside

My "men" after a long hard day's work :)

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  1. I know moving is hard and it never goes smoothly. Once you think you have learned your lesson something new happens...EVERYTIME. You will just have to get creative with Noah, and I know you can you were a teacher. Like you said it all happens for a reason and is a blessing in disguise. Just think in a hotel you don't have to change the sheets, wash the towels, or really clean!!! Bonus!!