Saturday, February 7, 2009

Helemano Military Reservation it is!

Okay ~ well I feel bad for whining my last post ~ but I do feel better now! :) Thank you all for listening. My cousin said something in a comment that made me think ~ I don't have to clean or change sheets or vacuum for another month! Wahoo! There's always something to be grateful about :) Thank you Courtney!

We went and talked again to the agent and her boss ~ they had another house on Schofield but it wouldn't be ready until March 28, and wasn't any bigger/better shape than the one on HMR ~ so we took the renovated one out there. And the funny thing is the more I think about it, the more I'm okay with it. Now that I know it's "our" home ~ I just can't wait to get my hands on it! Look out Pier 1, here I come! :) Haha! Our household goods are scheduled to be here March 16, so the timing works out perfectly. HMR is kindof like Goodfield, and Schofield Barracks is about the size of Washington, if that helps you make a comparison. Oh, and apparantly we're getting paid a "per diem" while we're here, basically $ for food every day we're here (who knew?) So yay, more $ for savings, but more importantly, $ to COME HOME! :) We'll bring the sunshine home early this summer! I can't WAIT! :)

Here's some pics of the housing we'll be in ~ not so hot from the outside, but it's what's on the inside that counts right? :) Ah, such is the island life...we did find out that there are four other families here now waiting for housing right by ours, and they have small children too so yay normal, nice neighbors! :) I have more pics to post later but gotta go get diapers and such at the commissary! xoxo

The loooong windy road leading to Helemano Military Reservation ~ great mountain and ocean views ~ the North Shore is right down the road!

Our house is the one on the left ~ with all the construction junk! :)

Playground right behind our house


  1. Hi Jen, Bryan and Noah! Yeah!! You have a house to look forward to now!! Even if it's not exactly what you were hoping for, at least it'll be kind of like you're the first ones to live in it which, in my book, is HUGE! And what an awesome playground so close to home!! It's in the low 60's here today, can you believe it?? I'm sure that'll change soon. Take good care! Brad, Launa and Lauren

  2. I'm a blogger too and I landed at your page and guess what...My husband and I are stationed at NCTAMS right down the road from HMR...Small world huh? Good post

  3. Just saw your post. We lived at HMR our first few years in Hawaii and loved it. We are coming back in a few weeks and looking back into HMR. Just curious... Did you stay or wind up moving?