Saturday, February 7, 2009

North Shore Pictures

Hey! I discovered an easier and hopefully faster way to share pics ~ is it me or does it take forever to download pictures on blogger? Noah's finishing Finding Nemo and lunch so I'll try to get these posted before Marlin finds Nemo :) Haha!

We went to Sunset Beach last night up on the North Shore ~ there was a bunch of surfing going on and rightfully so ~ the waves were at least 20 feet high! It was so cool! And Sunset Beach is rightfully named ~ the sunset was absolutely gorgeous. Stunning! I only wish I was talented like some of my friends with nice cameras to capture it. Afterwards we headed to downtown historic Haleiwa and ate at Rosie's Cantina ~ it was almost like a small town experience, it's so un-commercialized up there, I just love it! And it'll only be 10 minutes or so from our house! :) Okay, Nemo's back at school so we're off to hike to Makaapuu Lighthouse. More to come ~ enjoy your weekends! :)



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