Monday, March 30, 2009

Idea Boards!

Aloha everyone! Wow, another week has flown by ~ it seems like time stands still here one minute, then the next thing I know it's been an entire week! We are slowly but surely settling into Casa de la Willey :) There are times when I look around and think how blessed we are with our big house, the beautiful mountains, stretches of beaches and the cultural experiences we're getting here ~ i.e. getting kissed by a Hawaiian today when we went to look at his car :) Anyways, then there are times (especially when Bryan's at work and Noah's sleeping) that I wonder how I can feel so absolutely lonesome when I'm on a tiny island full of millions of people. Anybody know? There are people everywhere I turn, but they're not my family, my friends, my familiar surroundings. It's a wide range of emotions my heart goes through, but we are trying to make the most of what beautiful Hawaii has to offer us! So many things to do, three whole years to do them. :)

I watch a couple blogs, usually decorating ones, and one in particular always caught my eye ~ I love checking out her latest outfits (she thrifts like me!) and especially her latest design idea boards. She only charges $25 dollars for a large idea board, which is waaay less than she should in my opinion :) I decided when we were in the hotel to check in with her when we finally got our house. So last week I emailed her, we chatted about the stuff we already had and the designs I liked and voila! She worked her amazing magic and sent me three absolutely awesome idea boards! I've never met her in person, but she absolutely was spot on with my style. I am still swooning over all the ideas :) If you know me well, you know how my spastic head goes on and on with all kinds of creative ideas ~ and now that Bryn has pointed me in the right direction, the rainbow-riddled Hawaiian sky is the limit! :)

Here's the Living Room/Dining Room board:

Isn't it just awesome?! I would have never gone for the cobalt blue before, but now I'm in love! Totally beachy, without being themey. Make sense? :) This is the first room I'm attacking, now that Bubby's room and playroom are done. I've picked up some blue pillows, plates, a blue/white jute rug (1/2 price at Pier 1! Go me!) and some sweet lamps (1/2 off as well!) I solemnly promise to put pics up this week! :)

Here's the next board she sent me for our bedroom. I wanted a relaxing retreat to suit both Bryan and I ~ once again, Bryn outdid herself. She is so thoughtful in her designs, thinking of both of us and both our tastes. She based this board on the sand that surrounds us, and even worked in some Etsy finds, which is a website for all things handmade (which I love!) I can get my quirky accents that nobody else has and support a small business/crafter/artists at the same time! Everybody wins :) Here it is:

I am eyeing a new dresser right now that's posted on our local craigslist, and I'm on the hunt in all the furniture stores for a beautiful upholstered bed like that ~ boo that Overstock can't ship it :( I tried my best, but it weighs too much they said to ship to Hawaii :( But I think the rest I should be able to get online, woohoo!

Last, but certainly not least, is our office/scrapbook room. This one is probably my favorite only because Bryn really took to heart that Bryan is in the Army, and she incorporated his awards and plaques. I love that! And I love green ~ so right on, Bryn :)

So there's the latest happenings in the Willey household this week ~ let me know what you guys think! I highly recommend you check out her website if you get a chance or if you also need some outside inspiration for some project/room you've been waiting to tackle or change up. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hope to hear from you soon! We love and miss you all!


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