Tuesday, March 3, 2009


is hereby declared the state color of Hawaii. Not glorious-red, like in the beautiful Waikiki sunsets ~ or even purple-red, like the new highlights (that I'm unsure about in my hair). Nope, red ~ dirt-red that is. I officially cannot stand the red dirt here anymore. Bubby's clothes have permanent stains on the tushie and the knees, and now my hubby comes home every day (not an exaggeration!) covered in red dirt from the top of his high & tight to the bottom of his size 9's. Yup, I think that red is definitely the new state color. Ugh. Mom, remember when we detassled (a rite of passage for Midwestern kids) and we were filthy dirty? Take that times one hundred times red. Eee.....thank goodness for Shout ~ it usually takes it out ;)

From Dole Plantation

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  1. Wow Red! No thanks Jen. Detassling was awful and I see what you mean, I dont envy you. you will definately have to have laundry skills,OR dont buy baby anything new to wear out to play... That will be hard for you I know BUT now the word "Play Clothes" really will have new meaning...Oh and B you look so cute.............Love ya