Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Amazing Journey of 2009

Remember the absolutely wonderful adventure my fabulous sister Tori created for me last year, complete with clues & prizes? If you need a refresher, or missed those posts in my um, rather inconsistent posting over the past year (sorry!) check them out here, here, here, and here. I completely left you hanging seven months ago (yee-ikes I know!) as to what happened with my next clue. Well, the clue if you remember said that my next one was at Lanakai Beach. However, Tori actually left it with her friend Eve for safekeeping, along with my very first prize! So late in May, after Eve's husband returned from deployment, I headed over to the windward side of the island to track down my next clue. Here it is!

Remember how mad you were
that they didn't have your size?
Well trust me, they have it
Trim the butt, abs & thighs.

I admire you
and all that you do
so I'm trying to help you
be the best you of you.

One message left now
one final surprise.
Back up Koko Crater
Give it another try.

The "they" she's referring to is a um, ah certain boutique that has a secret. We'll just leave it at that :) So enclosed in the envelope was a hefty gift certificate to said boutique. Yahoo! Which meant even more to me because at that time, my sis was in college with not a whole lot of moo-lah to spend on big ol' me. Anyways, back to the clue. At first, I was like are you kidding me?! Koko Crater?! Again?! She hates me. :) But then I felt challenged. Heck yeah I can do this again. After all, Tori only climbed it once. ;) How'd she leave two clues up there? That smarty-pants took two up with her and hid them both at the same time. Grrrrrrrrr ;) But have I climbed it again in all these past few months? I'm really, really ashamed to say no :(

A lot has happened in those seven months. We went home to visit. Twice. We flew our fur-baby out here. I was consistent going to the gym. I was inconsistent going to the gym. Homesick out the ying-yang. In between all of that I was helping raise the world's cutest lil' man and supporting my wonderful hubby in his crazy job. And before I knew it, it was Christmas. And we weren't going home. I'm not going to lie, the last two months full of holidays has been hard away from home; and I'm extremely grateful we had each other. But I'm tired of making excuses for myself. There really are none. Am I proud of the accomplishments I made last year? Heck yeah I am! I would have NEVER probably taken the initiative to better myself at all if it hadn't been for Tori's "quest." And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that sis! That was my once in a lifetime opportunity & eye opener that I needed. I love you, and I'm sorry I let you down. But here's what I have learned about myself:

I CAN climb mountains. Three times, in fact.
I CAN go down a pants size, and go right back up. (Boo!)
I CAN give up my beloved Mt. Dew. (RIP.)
I CAN get up in the morning and head to the gym.
I CAN run. No, seriously. I didn't think I'd ever like it, let alone do it.
I CAN train for a 5K. The program's called Couch to 5K, pretty appropriate.

So all in all, 2009 wasn't too bad. We moved across a continent AND an ocean, we traveled ALOT, and learned to become our own little family. I hope this doesn't sound corny, but I feel like last year was a necessary stepping stone in my journey to a better me. So here's to 2010, where one of my resolutions is to continue in my weight loss journey, especially before Linz's big day in July, woohoo! :) I am so thankful for friends & family who love me for me, and wouldn't change a thing about me. Love ya! Stay tuned for my very first week of photos for Project 365, I've got some pretty hilarious ones! ;)

OH P.S. ~ I'm hoping to start off the year right by heading back up the dreaded Koko Crate ASAP! Keep your fingers crossed that my final clue is still there! :)

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