Monday, January 5, 2009


He figured it out pretty fast!


Speed Racer!

I am determined to keep this as up to date as possible in the New Year! :) We had a fabulous Christmas, just enjoying our family and friends. Noah made out like a lil' bandit ~ he got not one but TWO walking & talking Lightning McQueens, so needless to say he was in heaven :) He also got the cutest Radio Flyer trike from Nana and Papa ~ he is getting sooo big! He is such a sweet little boy, the smiles on his face were absolutely priceless!

Now, on to Hawaii ~ we got our flight itinerary last week, and we head out January 26th at 6am! It's just crazy that in three weeks we will be moving! Across the country! I am very excited to follow my hubby on this wonderful adventure, but we are both emotional and sad to say goodbye to family and friends here. Thank goodness for the internet! :) Here's a couple of recent pics for you to enjoy. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and we wish you a fabulous New Year!

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