Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best Buds

Noah & Kiki are rarely, far apart ~ they've been best buddies since Bubby came home from the hospital, and our first "baby" loved her lil' brother on the spot :) Here they are hanging out in Noah's McQueen tent that he got from Aunt Tori & Scott last year for Christmas. Sorry for the blurry pictures, our camera was on the fritz & died on Bubby's birthday (of course it did! Grr.) So a new camera that can keep up with a certain now three year old is on our wish list this year from Santa :)

Nap time with blankie ~ can I just say that we totally have a Linus on our hands?! We call him a cross between Linus & Pigpen, since his curly locks totally "hover" around his head.

And here's a parting shot of my two men hammin' it up in the tent ~ sometimes I wonder who has more fun in that toy room, Daddy or Noah .... :)

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