Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family Beach Trip & Updates!

Aloha everyone! I feel so bad for our, er my lack of dedication to this blog ~ I've had friends of friends of family members saying "hey, tell Jen to get going on that blog!" I love hearing that because it means people are actually interested in hearing about what's going on in our tropical, albeit boring lives here in 'Wahee, as Noah would so cutely say it ;)

SO what has been going on? Hmmm where to start...I started this blog as a journal to remember this crazy life by, so I'm going to do just that, including the good, the bad & the ugly. Clint Eastwood,right? My dad would be so proud :) I miss watching westerns with my daddy. Sniffle. :( Anyhoo, well after we arrived home in October, things kind of went haywire with Bryan's work. He is assigned to the 39th Military Police detachment, which was originally a unit created to only work the road, and to give soldiers with numerous deployments a break. With several units coming back, and several dozen soldiers needing that well-deserved break, they are again rearranging his unit. Which means in a nutshell that until they figure things out, the schedule stinks. Period. It's hard to say much around here because there are families with daddies gone for a whole year, and yes that is horrible and doesn't even compare. But with Bryan doing three years of recruiting where we rarely saw him, and now almost an entire year of this in HI where we see him even less, needless to say we are at the end of our rope. Well, I am. Bryan's a good soldier and does what the Army requires of him, but I know he misses us like crazy. We thought any assignment would be better than recruiting, but we were wrong! They say that the schedule should get better in January, but I'm not holding my breath. :) I keep reminding myself that God does have a plan for our family, and he has never let us down or led us astray, so I find comfort in that. And food. And my mom. I think I bug her oh, five times a day with some sob story, or funny Noah-ism, or venting about some toddler indiscretion. Thank you Mom for listening :) Love ya!

Noah and I have been keeping busy with our fabulous friends here, doing fun things and enjoying what HI has to offer. I may not be "happy" here, since I'm so homesick, but it sure does help when you have great friends who accept you for you and all your weird homesickness! :) We've been doing movies, playdates, parks, etc. Noah also just turned 3, and I put those pictures up on Facebook. I promise to do a post here for those of you without FB. What did we do before the internet and such? :) I'll leave you with some pics of a very rare family day this summer on the beach ~ yes it's been a few months since then but I've gotta catch up sometime, right? :) Thank you all for being so patient as we, I mean I slacked on this blog, just know we love and miss you all!


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  1. Well Well Well U. Steve and everyone else who doesnt FB will be glad to see you finally updated! Keep the updates coming, I like this more than FB as well. Noah so cute on the beach. Looks like you let him go quite a bit out in the ocean by himself???? Ughhhhh Love you all