Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Making cookies, Noah style

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry we've been MIA for the past few weeks, we had some company from over the ocean over! :) Bryan's parents were here for about a week, and then my friends Jen & Erin flew in from FL last week ~ Hawaii was the only state these seasoned travelers haven't been to, so we were more than happy to oblige them ;) Now we're getting back in the swing of things and feeling lonely for home ~ anyone else want to come visit our lil' beach house? Anyone? :)

I've got some major catching up to do as far as this blog goes, so here's a little sample of what we've been up to these past weeks. I found these great *homemade* hehe chocolate chip cookie dough mixes in the commissary, so needless to say when I went shopping, Noah immediately saw these and started chanting "cookie! cookie! cooooooookie!" What's a mom to do but drop everything else she's got going and rev up the old KitchenAid mixer. Thanks Aunt Ruthie, Sarah and Lynn for that if you're reading this ~ we love it! :)

So we grabbed all the ingredients necessary for this production: one egg, a bag of mix, and a stick of butter. So complicated ;)

My teacher brain immediately thought "oh, learning opportunity here!" so in came the kitchen chair for lil' man to stand on. First order of business ~ adding the ingredients to the bowl. In their entirety. I said "we have to put in the egg" so he put in the egg :) I think I expect too much from a 2 year old :)

Next step ~ watch the mixer go 'round and 'round and 'round, with a confused and awestruck look on your face:

Pay absolutely NO attention to the mess behind him please :) So now what would any good blue-blooded all American boy do once the dough was mixed up into a "mess" as he called it? Why, snatch a bite of course! (or two, or three...I'm not really sure, I turned around for a second to get a spatula)

Oh my word, I literally could NOT get him to stop once he discovered that long-upstanding childhood tradition of cookie dough! It was game on! Mom vs. surprisingly strong toddler! Anyways, next step: spray the cookie sheet with Pam. And the counter, and the stove, and a chubby lil' hand...

Then watch as Mom spoons the dough onto the VERY greasy cookie sheet (hey, it's his cookies, he can make it how he wants, right?) and check 'em out before we put them into the very hot oven.

Then make some very silly faces at yourself in the oven while the cookies take forever to bake:

Finally, be prepared to be amazed at our somewhat goofy looking cookies (our theory is too much Pam? Or maybe he's just taking after his momma in the cooking department? Hmmm...) Once we've blown about a thousand puffs on them because they're too hot, we sit down to a surprisingly very tasty afternoon snack. And that's chocolate chip cookies, Noah Scott style ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful week and hope to hear from you soon!



  1. awww so cute that is! He was really getting into that baking stuff. Awwwwww Scoot your getting so big and cutier than ever of course! I love the one where he is lookin into the oven. Maybe he will be the next "Food Network " cook! Ahem, may I say those were NOT organic snacks though! You know your Mom always gotta get a jabe in there for Organic snacks, right~ oxoxoxoxox

  2. Too cute! I've had cookies turn out like that a time or two. Who cares they still taste great. Wish we could visit, but that will take alot of saving up for us. Love you guys!!